Alpha Xi Delta

Ohio Northern University

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Welcome to Alpha Xi Delta
at Ohio Northern University

Be Inspired. Be More. Be Alpha Xi Delta.

What is Alpha Xi Delta? The answer to this question will be different for every sister you ask. For some it is our philanthropy, Autism Speaks; for some it is the family that is helping her realize her potential; for some it is walking into the house and seeing her best friends, the ones she holds dear to her heart. There is a reason we are all here and, even if our answers are different, we are all connected together by a sisterhood that exceeds the bounds of our Chapter house and stretches all across the country. You could share this bond with old classmates, current professors, future employers and coworkers, and maybe even your biological family members. 

My story with Alpha Xi Delta is slightly different than the typical recruitment story. I had gone through fall recruitment not really looking for a home, but as something to do to meet my ONU peers. As I went through formal rounds, I became less certain it was something I wanted to do because I wasn’t really the “sorority girl” type. So on the last day of the formal rounds, right at the finish line,  I decided it wasn’t really for me. That it would be too difficult to balance with school and all the other activities I was looking into at the time. Oh boy, was I completely wrong. The next morning, I laid in bed and listened to what felt like every knock and every celebration as girls on my residence hall floor opened their bids and were welcomed into their sororities--their new homes. Filled with instant regret, I could only wait and listen to what I could’ve had. A little later a knock came to my door and I opened it to found four smiling Alpha Xis with a bid in their hands. These girls, who I had only met a few times, had remembered me, had wanted me, had seen my potential before I could see it for myself. These girls have offered me a home and a loving family that I now do not know what I would do without. That knock gave me friends for a lifetime, study buddies, shoulders to cry on and so much more. I never imagined myself as a sorority president, but Alpha Xi Delta has shaped me into who I am today. So I encourage you to give it shot, and you might just find your family.

Julia Pinciotti

Gamma Tau Chapter President


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